Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In my backyard

Bizzarro's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
(321) 752-0555

3682 N. Wickham Rd.
Melbourne Beach, FL 32935
. Today the wife and I finally made it to the Bizzarro's Italian Restaurant right down the street from me on Wickham road. It was a weird time of day too late to be lunch but still too early for dinner so the place was empty. We sat down and started to look over all the vast choices in this small looking venue.
I chose the baked lasagna ( 8 layer) and my wife the stuffed shells. Both dishes came with a beautifully composed salad of baby romaine leaves red lettuce and some wild mix greens with plum tomato, nice briny black cured olives .. very crisp and crunchy veg with a nice creamy ranch.
then four garlic knots appeared fresh from the oven ( i asked and all the dough for everything is made in house nothing defrosted ) Warm with a hint of butter and garlic it was difficult to keep one in reserve to sop up the red sauce my lasagna would have but I managed:)
meaty cheesy very tasty lasagna it was my wife's shells also stuffed just right no oil separation or uneven cooking the pasta in both dishes still had the right mouth feel nothing over cooked. The server even brought us out another four knots which I am convinced have some sort of addictive ingredient in them as I found myself making num noises as I circled my plate with them getting every last drop of sauce and goodness.
I can't waiut to go back for chicken marsala or picata .. crispy fried calamari ...
You owe it to yourself to go and try it out..
Remember frequent your neighborhood establishments it serves us and our community .. go eat melbourne people!!
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Moonlight Drive-in

OMG I must have been in a silver DeLorean thursday because I went back in time when I arrived at Moonlight Drive-in in Titusville. Car hops (minus the roller skates) throw back prices , thoughtful service and great food only 32 minutes from home on a scenic US1drive or less on I95.

juicy burgers, chicken sandwiches crispy fries coated in melty cheesy and chili. Shakes with unique crafted flavors served to you on a tray car-side like days gone bye.

A constant flow of traffic lets me know that locals know where to go for great eats and ambiance . I cant wait to drive back over and try something else.
Chuck wagon burger, chili cheese fries, chicken sandwich pineapple cheesecake shake and chocolate peanut butter shake all checked off my list but oh so much more to try!!!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Old Village Restaurant

My wife and I visited here the day after Thanksgiving and we were glad we did! The staff was so warm and friendly it felt like you were a regular! We chose breakfast since we never make any at home and it was delicious! Corned beef hash with two over easy and perfect over easy eggs with cottage fries ( crunchy outside pillows on the inside) they were perfect. My wife's omelet bulging with filling and with a side pancake option over toast yes please!!
Great food served fast !!!Priceless ambiance and friendly people!! You owe it to yourself to go there !!
Support your community and community family , shop and eat at local businesses !!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let's top It

My wife and I stopped in today finally after driving bye time and again and we know now we wont go anywhere else ever.
First off its delicious and yes we sampled EVERY flavor and maybe we sampled them twice :P. We talked with the owner and one of her son's . Both were so personable it's worth the 44cents and oz just for the friendliness and the warmth but then add in how delicious the flavors are and it's the winning combination!! Oh and try Taro it's the best and I mean the best Taro with Mango yummo Taro with Peanut Butter (my wife's choice) also awesome. Stop bye and try a taste talk to the people there support them they are your community family and we need to support our family!
Stop in and "top it off" you owe it to yourself to have something this delicious!!!


Today after years of driving by and a month now of working up the street , my wife and I finally came to Slackers for the saturday all you can eat fish fry.
OMG it is so delicious! Flaky , moist fish with a light crispy batter and fired perfectly! Sided with hush puppies, fries and a coleslaw for only $7.99 . It had to be the best fried fish i've ever had in 43 years of life !! I cannot wait to go back and try other things . People behind us were raving about how great the crab cake sandwich she had was and it looked like quite a meal!
Right on Aurora rd across the street from "that little restaurant" you owe it to your family to go to slackers and you owe it to your community to support local restaurants and stay away from the chain places !!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

That Little Restaurant

My wife and I finally went here just a couple months ago after living here for over four years and each time we go back it's as great as the first time. I can honestly say its the first place i've ever eaten that I've always ordered something new and have never been disseminated in the taste or quality of the meal. Great pancakes , sausages and OMG the biscuits and gravy are so damned good . Open face turkey sammich , hamburgers , fried cod (so flaky and awesome). The Grilled mahi , the best meatloaf I've EVER had (sorry pop) and daily specials like braised lamp shank or Monty Kristo sammich .
I need to stop talking about it or i'll end up back for dinner ..
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Here we go

Hi there. Who I am eh doesn't matter , what i'm going to do eh also doesn't matter but it gives me a sense of purpose so here goes! I am going to attempt to eat my way around Melbourne Florida .
My rules.
1) No Chain eats
2)No "fine dining"
3) All meals must be $10 or less per person.
And i'm off!!