Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In my backyard

Bizzarro's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
(321) 752-0555

3682 N. Wickham Rd.
Melbourne Beach, FL 32935
. Today the wife and I finally made it to the Bizzarro's Italian Restaurant right down the street from me on Wickham road. It was a weird time of day too late to be lunch but still too early for dinner so the place was empty. We sat down and started to look over all the vast choices in this small looking venue.
I chose the baked lasagna ( 8 layer) and my wife the stuffed shells. Both dishes came with a beautifully composed salad of baby romaine leaves red lettuce and some wild mix greens with plum tomato, nice briny black cured olives .. very crisp and crunchy veg with a nice creamy ranch.
then four garlic knots appeared fresh from the oven ( i asked and all the dough for everything is made in house nothing defrosted ) Warm with a hint of butter and garlic it was difficult to keep one in reserve to sop up the red sauce my lasagna would have but I managed:)
meaty cheesy very tasty lasagna it was my wife's shells also stuffed just right no oil separation or uneven cooking the pasta in both dishes still had the right mouth feel nothing over cooked. The server even brought us out another four knots which I am convinced have some sort of addictive ingredient in them as I found myself making num noises as I circled my plate with them getting every last drop of sauce and goodness.
I can't waiut to go back for chicken marsala or picata .. crispy fried calamari ...
You owe it to yourself to go and try it out..
Remember frequent your neighborhood establishments it serves us and our community .. go eat melbourne people!!
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