Wednesday, May 26, 2010

That Little Restaurant

My wife and I finally went here just a couple months ago after living here for over four years and each time we go back it's as great as the first time. I can honestly say its the first place i've ever eaten that I've always ordered something new and have never been disseminated in the taste or quality of the meal. Great pancakes , sausages and OMG the biscuits and gravy are so damned good . Open face turkey sammich , hamburgers , fried cod (so flaky and awesome). The Grilled mahi , the best meatloaf I've EVER had (sorry pop) and daily specials like braised lamp shank or Monty Kristo sammich .
I need to stop talking about it or i'll end up back for dinner ..
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  1. Mom's meatloaf status is also now in doubt. I think we need to have her make us some again before we can decide, don't ya think?